One More Reason to Travel (as if you needed one)

From Tuesday, July 29th’s Academica Top Ten, a daily publication of information and trends in post-secondary education:

Multicultural engagement found to be predictor of career success  

A growing body of evidence suggests that travel abroad can have myriad benefits, including enhanced career prospects. One study, led by French researcher William W Maddux, found that spending time in multicultural environments can help improve creativity as individuals are forced to adapt to a culturally diverse environment. It is believed that spending time abroad can help improve “cultural intelligence,” which is an increasingly valuable skill in a globalized setting. Another longitudinal study that Maddux performed with MBA students enrolled in a 10-month international program found that “multicultural engagement” was a predictor of subsequent career success. The research found that it was not simply enough to be exposed to a multicultural environment; those individuals who were psychologically engaged with these environments were more likely to reap the tangible professional benefits of traveling abroad. Ottawa Citizen


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