Toutons and the Great Wall

You Tiao Blog

You Tiao, a popular breakfast/snack on the go in China

When we travel, we anticipate the differences that we will encounter. The weather and topography will be different. The language might be all but unknown to us. And the food…well, the food is one difference we always look forward to! Sampling the cuisine of a far-off land is undeniably one of the most pleasurable things for us when we travel.

So imagine our surprise when we discovered a rather unexpected similarity: fried bread dough as a breakfast item in both China and Newfoundland.


Toutons, a traditional breakfast item in Newfoundland and Labrador

We learned about you tiao the morning of our bus trip to the Great Wall at Mutianyu, when we made an early dash from the hotel towards the bus station. Faced with several hours on a city bus with no time for a leisurely breakfast, we joined the crowd at the restaurant across the street from our hotel to check out what was on offer.

We were delighted to discover the Chinese version of the familiar-to-us toutons, shaped in stick form which meant they were easy to tuck into a bag and munch on as we crammed into the crowded bus.

While we would have welcomed the molasses that accompanies a feed of toutons back home, that would undeniably have made for a slightly messier meal on the go!


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