Top 6 Reasons to take your child with you on a trip (Part 7)


We published this piece in Newfoundland Quarterly’s Summer 2013 issue. NQ is a fantastic publication! We thought it would be fun to publish some excepts from our article on the Trip For Three blog.

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6. You Will Travel With a New Sense of Fun and Wonder

One of the coolest things about travelling with a young child is that you spend time doing things you would not otherwise choose. Taking pictures of dandelions. Hanging out at a local playground. Chasing dragons in castle ruins. Going to water parks and having long discussions about which is the best water park to visit. Conversing with cows. Getting buried in the sand. Running around just because there is a big, open field in front of you.

Now that our son is five, he loves to talk about where we have visited and what we have s, he turned to t in Portugal today, where it is warm and sunny all the ”

Travelling with our son has simply magnified our enjoyment of seeing the world. Our recollections of Machu Picchu are as much of the playful alpacas as they are of the vista of the sun rising above the magnificent ruins. Our memories of Prague go beyond the Charles Bridge and spectacular Prague Castle and include the abundance of pigeons, perfect for chasing, in the town square. The imagination, excitement and anticipation of a child is a fantastic thing, creating an almost Peter Pan syndrome where we are given the privilege of the perspective of innocence and youth and sheer adventure.

Amongst all that advice that you will undoubtedly receive as a parent, take this one nugget from us: embrace travel with your kids! They are much more adaptive and resilient than you might think. And so are you.


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