Top 6 Reasons to take your child with you on a trip (Part 6)


We published this piece in Newfoundland Quarterly’s Summer 2013 issue. NQ is a fantastic publication! We thought it would be fun to publish some excepts from our article on the Trip For Three blog.

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5. They will learn to adapt and appreciate difference

Even if the experience is that the mayonnaise tastes different in Ireland than it does in Canada; that can be a critical lesson to a young child. Meeting people, eating food and even feeling climate that is different from what you are used to, is good for all of us.

Discussing future trips is a great way to introduce history, geography, foodways, and other customs in a fun and exciting way. Talking about what we will eat, what we will see, what the country looks like and seeing where it is located on a globe or on a map sets realistic expectations and creates excitement about what is to come, as well as informally teaching about the wonders of the world. Even though the trip itself may be years past, our well-used guide books are still around our house, as Declan will return to them regularly to remind us of the diverse places we have visited.

We look at travel in part as a way to stretch the mind, and we think that all these new experiences, even those that our son will not remember, are helping to shape him into a tolerant, adventurous and flexible person. These qualities balance out any minor and temporary inconveniences like battling jet lag upon arrival or having to stay indoors in some countries at midday, in order to avoid the sweltering heat.

to be continued…


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