Top 6 Reasons to take your child with you on a Trip (Part 5)


We published this piece in Newfoundland Quarterly’s Summer 2013 issue. NQ is a fantastic publication! We thought it would be fun to publish some excepts from our article on the Trip For Three blog.


Waltzing with our server at 8.5 months in Chinatown, Vancouver

4. You will meet more locals and have better conversations with them

We could never have predicted how much more we interact with local folks when travelling with our son. And our little tow-headed boy’s blonde hair is always a focus of interest and conversation.  On our first trip, we were greeted with embraces and coos of “el nino!” on a continual basis, our first indication of the amazing power of travelling with a child to connect with people everywhere. From waltzing with the waitress at a restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown, to a first-hand look at cooking on the coal ovens in the Muslim Quarter in Sarajevo, to an invitation to hang out in the kitchen (and make friends with the family’s pet turtle!) of our lodge in the middle of the Amazon jungle, travelling with our son has opened up doors that may have not otherwise been available to us. And what comes from those encounters is that our son is able to meet people from across the world and from all walks of life, giving him an expansive world view, even at the tender age of five.


Watching lunch being cooked over a hot coal oven at 2.5 years old in the Muslim Quarter of Sarajevo, Bosnia

…to be continued…


Feeding banana to the pet turtle of our family-run compound at 3.5 years old on the Amazon, Peru



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