Top 6 Reasons to take your child with you on a Trip (Part 4)


We published this piece in Newfoundland Quarterly’s Summer 2013 issue. NQ is a fantastic publication! We thought it would be fun to publish some excepts from our article on the Trip For Three blog.

3. The Travel Industry Can Be Very Accommodating

africa2009 001

Making our way through a busy airport en route from St. John’s to Durban, South Africa

Sometimes you get little perks when travelling with a baby. You are allowed to pre-board with all the first class passengers, giving you extra time to get your youngster settled before the cattle call onslaught of your economy class brethren. You are ushered into the ‘special’ security lineup, where you don’t have to wait as long and security personnel actually smile while your child proudly walks through the metal detector all by himself.

When our son was in the midst of the toddler tantrum years, we never spent more than 20 minutes in any customs lineup. Unfortunately, that was because he was likely vocalizing his displeasure at being made to wait, be still and be quiet. Although we were consistently embarrassed at these displays, we gratefully accepted the bumps to the front of the line so we could move through and into more open spaces where our son could roam around a little more freely and everyone – us, our son, and the other weary passengers – were a bit happier.


Enjoying some local blueberries given to us by a market vendor in Sarajevo, Bosnia…eaten on the spot marking the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (which led to the start of WWI)

We have also had numerous encounters where proprietors of accommodations would go over and above to ensure that our family was well taken care of. Our room in Cuba was upgraded to a suite free of charge, since we had a bulky stroller with us. A B&B owner in Ireland brought down the toys of her now-grown children for our son to play with. A rental apartment owner in Cape Town drove across town and back to deliver a crib for us. And we have lost count of the number of times that restaurant servers and shop owners have given little treats to our son, from ice cream to blueberries, not only enhancing our experience, but also making connections with people wherever we go.

…to be continued…


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