Top 6 Reasons to Take You Child With You on a Trip (Part 2)


We published this piece in Newfoundland Quarterly’s Summer 2013 issue. NQ is a fantastic publication! We thought it would be fun to publish some excepts from our article on the Trip For Three blog.

Click here for Part 1 of our article.

1. There is Really Nothing to Fear

Our intentions to set travel aside lasted exactly two months. The dreariness of a Newfoundland winter helped to hasten our change of heart. We were sitting around one February morning, and realized that this was the first time that we were both available for that quintessential Newfoundland travel period, the Easter break getaway.

While scanning the Travel section of the newspaper, we looked at each other with a sort of “what if…” grin. With one of us a teacher and the other on maternity leave, this seemed to be too good an opportunity to pass up.

Our hesitation, of course, was how our infant would fare. Our anxiety rode high as we contemplated the varied potential pitfalls from flights to feedings. However, as we talked through the possibilities, the temptation of sun and sand in the midst of a Canadian winter won the day. We booked an all-inclusive trip to Cuba, and took our two-month old for his first passport photo, ridiculously proud, as only new parents could be, when our infant (propped up by his father) opened his eyes and remained expressionless for the camera, as per travel document regulations.

cuba 2008 105

All decked out and ready for the beach

Although we didn’t travel through Cuba as we would have in our pre-baby days, the trip proved to bring unexpected benefits. We relaxed in a way we never had before, as our base in Varadero meant that we got to enjoy the daily delights of the town, the ocean and the beach. Every day we went out and walked through the markets and along the busy streets. We kicked off our sandals and walked barefoot along the edge of the ocean with the warm wind blowing across the sand. The baby got his feet sandy and his legs wet with salt water. Any initial trepidations we had were laid to rest and our thirst for adventurous travel returned, with an understanding that certain adjustments would be necessary.

…to be continued…


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2 Responses to Top 6 Reasons to Take You Child With You on a Trip (Part 2)

  1. Sherry Johnson says:

    I love the picture of a 3-month old Declan!!

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