Tea Cozy: Yangshuo, China


Yangshuo Tea Cozy

Yangshuo Tea Cozy is a gem of a hotel nestled among the rice paddies and lotus flower fields of the countryside just outside the city of Yangshuo. The limestone karst peaks dominate the view, with their mountainous vistas everywhere you look.


Each room is decorated and named individually. Our was dubbed “Spicy Ginger Tea”

Tea Cozy is a new, small hotel that features beautifully decorated rooms in a quiet setting. They provide complimentary twice daily shuttles into Yangshuo, so the town is easily accessible if you need a city fix. But the beauty of this location is the rural setting.


The view from the patio off our second floor room

Complimentary bicycles for the duration of your stay means that you can cycle the countryside and enjoy the scenery around you, a wonderful way to while away a few hours.


Tea Cozy’s tea house, where they perform a traditional tea ceremony

Their tea ceremony is also included in the room rate, where one of the staff will explain the significance of tea to Chinese culture and let you sample a number of tasty teas from across the country (we tried a green, a black and a jasmine tea).

The food at Tea Cozy was among the best we had in our three week stay in China, and was very reasonably priced. In fact, the food was so delicious and the menu was so varied, that we ate almost all our meals at the hotel during our five-night stay, something that we have never done before.


Fruit tea, made from scratch

When we asked about how to make their incredible fruit tea, we were invited into the kitchen to watch them make it from scratch.


Beer fish, a local specialty

The catfish for our beer fish supper was caught in the fish pond on the hotel grounds and was a plate of deliciousness in front of us 30 minutes later. The food is fresh and local (most of it grown in their own gardens) and amazing.


The gazebo at Tea Cozy

The real bonus of Tea Cozy, however, is the staff. They are helpful from the moment of your arrival (when you are given a welcome cup of lemon tea while they take your bags to your room) until they see you off. They are always ready to help with suggestions for things to do and to help arrange any tours or activities you want to participate in. They coordinate transfers to and from bamboo rafting, cormorant fishing and cooking classes, among other activities, all at reasonable rates. And if you just want to hang out at the hotel, they have a lovely gazebo, garden and outdoor tables to relax at.


Declan hanging out with his new friends at Tea Cozy

We really enjoyed our time at the hotel, not just for the amenities and services provided, but also because of the warmth and friendliness of all the staff. Our five year old son, in particular, made a special connection with the staff.


Declan and Jake playing in the garden at Tea Cozy

They treated him like he was their own child and he ended up hanging out in the kitchen a good bit, and playing endlessly with staff members’ kids.

The homey atmosphere is one that we have never experienced at a hotel before.

Prices are very reasonable compared to costs in North America and Europe. It might seem a little high compared to budget accommodation that you can find elsewhere in China, but those few extra dollars are more than worth it. It truly is a gem and if we were ever to return to Yangshuo, there is nowhere else that we would want to stay.


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  1. Richard Chen says:

    Dear guest,
    Thanks very much for stay at Tea Cozy, and thanks for your nice review on Tripadvisor, It was been very nice to having you stay at our hotel, we welcome for your next visit.
    Best regards!

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