Kung Pao? Or Just Spicy Chicken with Peanuts?


Our favourite haunt in Beijing

We stumbled upon this amazing little place directly across the road from our hotel in Beijing. We ate there so much, and tried so many different dishes, that we became regulars there in the five short days we spent in the city.

On our second last day, we tried a dish that was described simply as “spicy chicken cubes and peanuts.” Oh, but it was so much more than that…stir-fried garlic, chicken, green onion, roasted peanuts and chiles happily swimming in a sticky-spicy-sweet sauce. Accompanied by a local beer and some glutinous rice, it was the epitome of deliciousness.

Later that afternoon, with a residual tingling behind the eyeballs as a fond reminder, we wondered what the recipe was and if we could ever hope to re-create it upon our return.

Google tells us that we might have been eating Kung Pao chicken, which we have never tried in a North American Chinese restaurant. Can anyone confirm? Or should we be looking for something else?


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1 Response to Kung Pao? Or Just Spicy Chicken with Peanuts?

  1. Vivian McNeill says:

    Yes, it certainly sound like Kung Pao chicken. It’s pretty yummy too, but as with any restaurant, it will all depend on the chef.

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