Philly’s Brown Bread

DSC_3051We have had several requests for the recipe for the soda bread that we wrote about a short time ago.

The first time we tried the recipe, we tried to convert the measurements, but after researching the matter, discovered that sometimes baking conversions are not as simple as they might seem.

So, in order to ensure correct proportions, we use a kitchen scale to measure the ingredients. The results: delicious.

Philly’s Brown Bread

900ml buttermilk

2 eggs

350g brown coarse ground flour

150g white flour

100g oatmeal

100g oat bran

100g wheat germ

60g brown sugar

pinch of salt

1tbs bread soda

Makes two loaves.

Oven 170C for 1 hours.

Mix all ingredients together and divide into two loaf tins

You can add nuts if you wish, but the bread is delicious on its own…especially straight from the oven with some butter!


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