Top 10 Reasons to Take your Kids to the Ontario Science Centre


For those of us who grew up in the GTA, life was not complete without an annual trip to the Science Centre.  We had the good fortune to be able to take our son there when he was 3, and were thrilled to find the endearing old standbys, including the 1970s era interior seating and the static electricity display, as well as lots of new informative and interactive exhibits.

1. 1. You can measure yourself against the history of the creation of the earth

1. You can measure yourself against the history of the creation of the earth


2. You can drive a mini futuristic car


3. You can hang out at a pretend construction site and even help to “build” the structures yourself


4. You can pretend that you are being swallowed by a boa constrictor (bonus points if you can name the group who sang that song!)


5. You can explore movement with an interactive motion sensor machine


6. You can load up with groceries while you’re there


7. You can ride up and down the longest. Escalators. Ever.


8. After exploring the water table, you can dry your hands off with a cool, futuristic dryer


9. If you need a bit of fresh air, there are awesome tubes to crawl around in, on and through on the grounds outside


10. If you’re tuckered out, you can find a quiet spot to hang out and recharge


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