‘Tis the (Dusty) Season

Was out staining the deck the other day and saw what I first thought was paint chipped off some slats I’d painted a short time ago. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was actually yellow dust on the wood (phew! no need to repaint!)

This reminded me of the yellow dust season that we learned about while living in Korea in 1999-2000. The “yellow dust from China”, as it was explained to us, blows from mainland China each spring and settles all over Korea (among other places).

And indeed that is the case. That spring, a fine layer of yellow dust coated everything: cars, bushes, buildings. It lasted for a short time and then was blown away by the wind and was  washed away by the rain.

For a moment on our back deck in Newfoundland, we were transported to a season we experienced only once.


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