Soda Bread Heaven


Coill Dara B&B in Tubbercurry, Ireland

We wrote recently about the amazing experience we had at the Coill Dara Bed & Breakfast in Tubbercurry, Ireland.

One of the most outstanding memories from that time is the wonderful soda bread that Coill Dara owner Patricia made every morning. We easily ate a loaf of that bread every morning, and Pat was extremely kind to share the recipe with us.


Mmmmmmm. Soda bread.

We have made this bread numerous times since our return, and it tastes pretty good. In fact, it tastes really good. But something is missing. Maybe the buttermilk in Canada is a little different, or the wheat bran is from a different strain of wheat. Or maybe it’s because –  even though we devour the bread straight from the oven slathered with butter with a cup of Barry’s Gold Blend tea – we lack the accompanying Irish bacon (best bacon in the world!), grilled tomato, fried eggs and black pudding. Or maybe it’s the experience of a gorgeous B&B in the Irish countryside, relaxing while on vacation, while a gourmet cook brings a delectable breakfast for you to enjoy.

But we are grateful to be able to re-create a small part of the experience with our bread and tea, reminiscent of our lovely time in Tubercurry last July.


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3 Responses to Soda Bread Heaven

  1. Mary Walker Collins says:

    Love to have the recipe.

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