Riding the Rails, Peruvian-Style

When we visited Peru, of course Machu Picchu was on the top of our list for places to visit. We took Peru Rail from Cusco to Aguas Calientes – the closest town to the ancient site – overnighted there, then after our day in Machu Picchu, took the train back to Cusco.

On the way there, we were afforded stunning views of the mountains and lush valleys. However, as darkness fell on our return trip, we were treated to some traditional Peruvian folkloric music and dance…trying to learn more about this particular character, who danced his way through our train car several times.

Can anyone shed some light on this fellow and his role in traditional Peruvian culture?


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1 Response to Riding the Rails, Peruvian-Style

  1. tripforthree says:

    Mystery solved, thanks to a friend who posted on facebook:

    “I went to the Virgin Del Carmen festival in Paucartambo (just outside of Cuzco) and there was a lot of dancing by masked individuals. I think I remember this character and it seems to be a saqra. If your trip was during July, it is a good bet this dancing is from/for this festival.


    Could it be?”

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