Happy International Dance Day!


Dancing with a new friend in Vancouver’s Chinatown

Today, April 29, is International Dance Day. What does this have to do with travelling, you might ask?

The one constant we have found since having our son, wherever we go, is that he is an instant gateway to connecting with people. We are treated better, get more smiles, conversations (or nods and even more smiles if there is a language barrier) when we travel with our munchkin than when we venture(d) abroad as a couple.

This is one of our favourite travel moments. We were in Vancouver’s Chinatown, en route to an Alaskan cruise. We stopped at an amazing, jam-packed restaurant for a bite to eat. When our food was served, the waitress plucked our eight month old from our arms and proceeded to waltz with him around the restaurant and show him off to cooing customers while we enjoyed our lunch. The two of them giggled and laughed as she spun him around. You can read the full story if you click on the image.

Dance, the universal language.

Happy travelling and happy International Dance Day!


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