Lavender fields forever…


Lavender fields forever

Hvar, Croatia, is a magical place. Nestled off Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast in the Adriatic, the island is a sun-soaked paradise of pebble beaches and turquoise sea, whitewashed houses with rust red roof tiles, and rabbit-warren paths leading up dizzying heights which afford a view of luxury yachts lazing in its harbour.

After a few days of stunning our senses in this astonishing place, we drove across the island to catch the ferry back to mainland Croatia. The sun was so gorgeous that we turned off the A/C, rolled down the windows and breathed in deeply…we were overwhelmed with the fresh, luscious smell…lavender. I called to mind our pre-trip travel guide reading and recalled something about lavender fields in Hvar and there they were, stretched out in front of us, cut only by the small road bisecting fields upon fields of lavender. A feast for the senses indeed!


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