Snoozing Through the Safari

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Never wake a sleeping baby…rookie mistake

So when our son was 18 months old, we had the amazing opportunity to go to South Africa. After our conference obligations were over, we headed out on safari at Hluluwe-Umfolozi game reserve. It was an unbelievable experience. Aside from the guided safaris we went on, each afternoon we got into our car and drove around, sighting more animals than we could have ever hoped for.

We thought that our son would be old enough to enjoy the animals, and he did get a kick out of the monkeys that hung around our hut. However, within five minutes of getting into the car in that warm afternoon African sun, like clockwork, he would fall fast asleep and snooze his way through the next several hours.

We tried to wake him up…once….when a giraffe was so close we could have reached out the car window and fed him some leaves. This was the result of waking up a solidly slumbering toddler. It was the last time we roused him on our afternoon drives.


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