Pass the Squid, Please


Taking advantage of the wind and sunshine. Drying squid, Koje Island, Korea

One of the things we enjoyed the most about living in Asia for two years was the amazing food we got to eat, every single day. Of course, being halfway across the world, our palates were challenged now and then! And we often came across interesting ways that food was prepared, cooked and presented (see our entry on Blue Flat Bed Pickup Truck Butcher Shops, for example!)

When we lived in Koje, South Korea (1999-2000), we found that dried squid was a very common snack food. It has a texture like beef jerky and tastes like, well, squid. And, eating in Korea being such a social and communal experience, someone would take out a dried squid, peel off a piece, and pass it around the table for everyone to share.

Dried squid was such a common snack food, that you could get squid-flavoured chips and other such snacks.

And a lot of people dry their own squid.

It reminded us, actually, of traditional Newfoundland techniques of drying cod on flakes outside (or on clotheslines!)

But the Koreans had other ingenious ways of drying their squid. Might as well take advantage of the wind and sunshine!!


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