Motoring Around Iquitos

We’re always more than willing to try new things as we travel, but we must admit that upon our arrival in Iquitos, Peru, on a hot July night, we were a little skeptical about jumping on board the one of many motokars (auto rickshaws) and taking the seemingly surreal 25 minute ride to our hotel through the dark.

So we navigated our way through the hordes of motokar drivers and managed to find a driver who offered a more conventional taxi to our lodging.


Motoring Around Iquitos

It is amazing, though, how quickly perspective changes in the light of day.  We jumped on and used the motokars for the next couple of days to get around.  They are cheap.  They are everywhere. Plus they offer the open air intimacy with your surroundings that a motorcycle gives – with the added bonus and comfort of a bench seat.

The skilled drivers have a real knack for navigating in and out the tightest spots. We had to document the experience of driving around in one, and if you click the photo, it will link you to our Youtube video of one of our motokar adventures. It will give you just a small sense of the sights and sounds of this unique mode of transportation!


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