The $25 club sandwich

mmmm. club sandwich.I think a lot of our posts will revolve around food, and a lot of time how we use(d) food to negotiate both the familiar and the unfamiliar, particularly while living away.

This is another story from our year in Taiwan, 1998-1999. We mostly cooked for ourselves, and when we ate out, it was often at our favourite local eateries (oddly enough a Teppenyaki restaurant and a Thai restaurant). However, every month after payday, we would go to Swensen’s. Maybe it was homesickness, maybe it was that we were flush on two salaries getting a month’s worth of pay on the same day, but this was our splurge.

And why was it such a splurge?

Because our club sandwiches would cost $25.

Now this might sound outrageous, particularly for two people living in St. John’s in 1998 who would normally pay no more than $8 for a clubhouse and fries at any number of restaurants at home. However, the deliciousness of chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato, stacked high between three slices of toast, was worth every single penny.

We would, however, split the ice cream sundae that ended our meal.


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