Beantown Countdown

Boston Baked BeansOne month from today, we will be frantically packing for our first family trip to Boston. Although we will have family and friends there to help us navigate through the fabulous city, we are always on the hunt for suggestions of where to go. We’ve got plans for the ballet, hockey, basketball, MIT (to visit my sister’s lab), and the Public Garden of course (we will be travelling with a five year old, after all!)

I am also fantasizing about the chocolate chip cannoli I ate in Boston’s Little Italy ten years ago!!

What are your must-see and must-do list in Boston? Let us know!


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2 Responses to Beantown Countdown

  1. jodimcdavid says:

    I went years ago, but at that time the Boston Aquarium was great. And I seem to remember there is a Children’s Museum somewhere near Boston.

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