Blue Flat Bed Pickup Truck Butcher Shops

hockey night in taiwanWhile we lived in Taiwan (1998-1999), Kieran played in Taiwan’s national hockey league (which was an awful lot of expat English teachers and some locals who were interested in learning the game) for the Four Winds Eskimos.

Each week, he would drive his motorcycle to the local bus station and take a bus to Taichung, several hours south, and back home again. The games went late and the bus took a long time, so he often got home in the middle of the night, close to morning.

We both went down one week, getting back on the motorcycle to head home around 5am. Dawn was breaking as we rode our motorcycle back to the apartment, where we saw a large number of people getting ready for the day.

Taiwanese often shop at markets to get their food, either day markets or night markets (or both). While in North America we are conditioned to supermarkets as the mainstay for much of our food shopping, Taiwanese prefer to buy their meat and produce (among other things) at outdoor markets.

If you’re wondering where we’re going with this…it’s all coming together now.

So we’re on the bike and see one of the ubiquitous blue flat bed pickup trucks that seemed to be the only kind of pickup truck you could find in the country. But something was different. The truck was pulled off to the side of the road and we could see a guy in the flat bed, doing something.

As we passed by, we did a double take when we realized that the man was butchering a pig…that would be sold at one of the day markets in a couple of hours.

Talk about fresh and local!

flat bed pickup in taiwan

As you can see from the photo here, those pickups were used for all kinds of things. Here, we snapped one driving by, carrying a load of campaigners for a local election.


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